From the Ashes of a Dead World; Snippet 01

FROM THE ASHES OF A DEAD WORLD By Shane Gries PART I The Odyssey 20,193 C.E. HMPS Imperator 5th Squadron, 18th Fleet Trajan System “Combat, I need a report on the current status of the evacuation,” Captain Pavel Marino said as he paced up and down the bridge, wearing a groove in the decking. “Sir,Continue reading “From the Ashes of a Dead World; Snippet 01”

The Company Mascot Pt III

Chipori itself was a dirty, dusty, barren series of valleys surrounded by hills covered in trees. As I mentioned before it was dry when we were out there–the monsoons had yet to begin–and the place went up like a matchstick when we started shooting gunnery tables. Joy unbounded. There we were… the whole battalion deployedContinue reading “The Company Mascot Pt III”