Future Writing Projects

After a two-year journey I have finally finished my series. It’s a trilogy that I spent much time and effort into something that I really think the readers will enjoy. Being a new author, this whole thing has been a tremendous experience, learning not only the art, but industry itself. I love the challenge toContinue reading “Future Writing Projects”

From the Ashes of Interstellar Empire

The sequel to From the Ashes of a Dead World will be released on April 22nd through Ring of Fire Press! If you liked the first installment in the series, you’re going to love the sequel. Here’s the synopsis: “A plan to kidnap the child of a diplomat quickly spirals out of control, triggering aContinue reading “From the Ashes of Interstellar Empire”

Author Shout-Out to Tom Tinney

Many of you that read my stuff are also into Urban Fantasy, so I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you the works of Tom Tinney. He’s a Dragon Award finalist, and author of Blood of Invidia, which has got everything… vampires, werewolves and aliens (Oh my!). It’s good reading and well worth checkingContinue reading “Author Shout-Out to Tom Tinney”

From the Ashes of a Dead World; Snippet 02

While the IP was in a state of decline, her enemies were not and the Dominion enjoyed a series of advantages that were underappreciated by military and civilian leadership back home on Trajan.  They had fallen into the trap believing that their family of powerful worlds had existed in sovereign unity for over a thousandContinue reading “From the Ashes of a Dead World; Snippet 02”

From the Ashes of a Dead World; Snippet 01

FROM THE ASHES OF A DEAD WORLD By Shane Gries PART I The Odyssey 20,193 C.E. HMPS Imperator 5th Squadron, 18th Fleet Trajan System “Combat, I need a report on the current status of the evacuation,” Captain Pavel Marino said as he paced up and down the bridge, wearing a groove in the decking. “Sir,Continue reading “From the Ashes of a Dead World; Snippet 01”