I’m Shane Gries and welcome to my site.

I’m a career soldier, student of history and writer. I’ve spent over fifteen years serving overseas in Europe, Asia and Oceania. I started off as a young enlisted man and was commissioned an infantry officer later on. I’m a graduate of Airborne School, Ranger School, earned my Expert Infantryman Badge, and did some time in combat. I’ve even got a family around here someplace.

The main purpose of this blog is to discuss my writing projects, past, present and future and to also engage with folks on any number of topics. “Engage” as in “engage in friendly discourse,” not as in “engage in the Kill Zone.” But if you do lean toward the “Kill Zone” sort of discourse, just remember the house rule of “attacking someone’s position or argument is okay, attacking the person is not.” If you can abide with that rule here we’ll all get along famously.

Thanks for stopping by and tell your friends!

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