From the Ashes of Interstellar Empire

The sequel to From the Ashes of a Dead World will be released on April 22nd through Ring of Fire Press!

If you liked the first installment in the series, you’re going to love the sequel. Here’s the synopsis:

“A plan to kidnap the child of a diplomat quickly spirals out of control, triggering a series of events that threatens to reignite another global war. Pavel Marino is caught up in a blood-soaked plot to overthrow his regent, while a growing insurgent movement lashes out against the fledgling star nation trying to establish a foothold on their world.

Terry Hannigan and his mates get the mission to assassinate a senior Trajan government official and end up in a conspiracy, getting in way over their heads. They become pawns in a grand game of life and death, manipulated by shadowy people and government agencies they barely understand.

Meanwhile, the people of Renas try to rebuild their lives under the guns of an interstellar fleet orbiting their world. All the while, that same fleet continues surreptitiously sending raiders to the planet’s surface, manipulating global events for dark purpose. Their interference in world affairs only continues to escalate as discipline within the defeated space fleet deteriorates, and desertions to the surface continue to rise.

It’s a race to determine the fate of an entire world. A race that no one can afford to lose.”

Stay tuned… there’s more to come!

Published by Shane Gries

World-travelling adventurer with a dry wit and a taste for single malt whisky. Spent my entire adult life in uniform and most of that as an infantryman--with all the accompanying ailments one would expect from such a lifestyle. Looking forward to the day when I can dedicate myself to writing full time, cutting firewood, and pursuing the elusive white tail.

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